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What Is A Dom

Dom stands for – Dominant Male

Dom (title), a title of respect, derived from Latin – Dominus

Dom, a title of respect for one’s master in BDSM

Scene and Lifestyle Persona (aka) “Master Dominus” 

As a dominant male I cannot choose a path of mediocrity, hoping every decision I make meets with her approval.

I will sometimes face tough decisions with regard to the relationship, and I will choose a course. It may not be one she likes, I may not like it either, but sometimes there are no good answers.

As the dominant partner it is my job to weigh benefits against risks, needs, and wants of my submissive partner. Whether I assign the right priorities or not is a burden I must bear alone.

As for scene play.

My passion for kink is only out matched by the incredible gratitude I received from being able to bring a submissive to her limits of what she felt was possible for her, through a well choreographed, profound psychological (and sometimes sexual) journey, leaving her touched, moved, and inspired in a way she will always remember fondly. 

I take the craft of BDSM (play and lifestyle) very seriously. Scene play (or lifestyle) is not for everyone. Not every woman can be a good bottom girl or submissive. To be a good submissive, attitude and trust is everything. Your limits will be tested, worlds you never knew existed will be opened to you after which you will find most men fall short of your desires. Many inquire, few are chosen.

After completing my survey (email me for survey) of your likes, dislikes, and limits, maybe you will be chosen.  At the very least we can always be friends.

I always play safe, sane and consensual

Safe means no injuries. It means taking precautions to ensure that such possibilities are minimized. It means picking my partner carefully, even if I’m only getting together for what may only be a single day or night.. or a few hours. Especially in such cases.

Sane is to be aware of my and my partners limits. If I want to continue playing with my toy, I won’t break it. I’m aware that not all damage is visible to the eye. I don’t want my partner to spend the next 2 years of their life in therapy.

Consensual is about consent. Mutual consent. With all parties involved. It’s imperative that limits, likes, dislikes, etc, be worked out prior to any scene play, not in the middle of a scene. This is a good time to establish safe-words, too. If my partner doesn’t want to do it, it isn’t BDSM, it’s abuse. BDSM includes a wide range of activities involving a negotiated transfer of power between consenting partners. BDSM is not about abuse or other non-consensual activities.

A Quick (not complete) Glossary for the Uninitiated.

These definitions are set down here for your entertainment. Please do not carve them in stone anywhere or tattoo them on visible parts of your anatomy.

1. Bottom: the one with her butt in the air and tongue hanging out. {=}

2. Consensual: agreeable to all involved. 

3. Dominant: the alpha personality. 

4. Endorphins: happy drugs released by the brain when you’re in love, in pain, or eating chocolate. 

5. Limits: the point at which something fun becomes un-fun. 

6. Masochist: endorphin addict. 

7. Negotiation: exchanging info before a scene — what you’ve done, what you might do, what’s a definite no-no. 

8. Novice: new or inexperienced pervert. 

9. Pervert: practices kinky sex (and practices and..) 

10. Play Party: SM sex party. 

11. Rebel Bottom: likes to make DOM/Master prove their dominance. /:>

12. Sadist: gets hard-on from making girls moan and scream. 

13. Safe Word: a pre-set word or signal that means “slow down” or “stop” — useful if you like to scream “no” when you really mean “yes”! 

14. Scene: a date or period of time set off for SM play. ?*

15. Submissive: likes to keep DOM/Master happy. 

16. Switch: enjoys topping and bottoming (not usually at same time!) 

17. Top: the Big Cheese; sports a nasty smile and nastier implements. 

18. Vanilla: good ol’ egalitarian licking, sucking and fucking!

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