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Turning Pain Into An Erotic Experience

What is interesting about the pain response in the body is that it’s not too far off from the experience of pleasure.

When the body is in pain, it releases certain chemicals in order to deal with these sensations – mostly adrenaline. These speed up the body’s fight or flight response, causing it to experience sensations more fully in order to allow the body to overcome the ‘problems’ it is experiencing.

This response can be seen in the stories of people under enormous pressure being able to lift cars that are trapping people or being able to run for long periods of time when threatened.In the play of BDSM, the body is ‘threatened’ by one person and the body still reacts in the same way. With increased pain, the body eventually runs out of adrenaline and then settles into that ‘runner’s high’ or endorphin’s release that allows the body to feel good.

Pleasure from pain.

But it takes time to train a slave to appreciate this transition, just as it would take time for a new runner to begin to appreciate the idea of running for ‘fun.’

With the consent of the slave, of course, pain should begin to be introduced to the sexual part of the relationship at times when the slave is experiencing great pleasure – perhaps orgasm. What happens then is that the brain begins to associate the pain with the pleasure, eventually rewiring itself to expect pleasure from receiving the pain.

But this takes some time and patience for the Master.

  • What you will want to do is follow these guidelines:
  • Slowly introduce pain to a slave that is interested
  • Take time to learn areas that are dangerous to inflict pain upon (i.e. throat and kidney area)
  • With each new session with pain, try to move further past previous points of pain. You can measure this by possibly counting how many spankings were done in the previous scene and then increasing that count to five or ten more. The point is to build on the pain that you applied before.
  • Each slave will find that certain things seem much too painful for them to bear, but with diligence, you can teach them that they can withstand a lot more pain that they thought they could.
  • Show your pleasure in their taking of the pain each time. They will want to try more pain in the future, knowing that it pleases you for them to try.

Do not punish a slave with pain if you are trying to teach them to enjoy it. This will be very confusing for a slave and also very hard for them to learn to enjoy it, when you also use it as a means of punishment and discipline. If you are trying to keep the sensation erotic, then that is how it should be used.

However, pain is not for everyone, so make sure that the slave is willing to try it first before you start running after them with a crop.


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