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The power and pleasure in a kiss

There are so many wonderful aspects of BDSM-

the trust one partner shares in the other to fully give them-self over to their will, to reveal a part of themselves hidden and shunned by non-kink society;

the primal passion, like a raging storm or a forest fire that delights those it consumes;

the electric thrill of pain;

the pride in seeing your flesh bruised by your lover’s desire;

the ass smacking, face-slapping, hair tugging, tit flogging, pussy soaking, cock throbbing, grunt and grown and moan and scream of pain, pleasure of two or more humans transformed into animal, flesh and meat endorphin-flushed beings, both spirit and beast elevated, degraded, worshiped;

the pleasure and acceptance that comes from being both sacred and profane…bound and released and truly alive and aware in the moment of bliss.

Phew! Did I leave anything out? Aye? No? Well, moving on anyway, there is much nasty beauty to be enjoyed in bdsm sex…but sometimes, I think we miss the simple art of the slow, sensual kiss.

I’ve always enjoyed all of the above(when I can get it) but we must remember this, a kiss can be more than this; a kiss can be more passionate, more blissful than anything else. I had a few gfs in My time who would orgasm from a kiss alone. Dont ask Me how but they did.

My fawn-haired Fionnoula, Oasis obsessed tomboy, always borrowing My shirts, always doubting her beauty, hiding her curves beneath baggy denim shirts and her secrets behind raven black eyes…ah My wee Fionnoula, how she would be kissed. When I held her face in My strong hands, My right hand cupping her cheek, fingers curled behind her, some entwined in her hair, others slowly stroking her ear lobe…

My left hand would caress the sensitive nape of her neck as I began the kiss, suckling the lower lip…that plump, luscious lip. My tongue would slide over her lips, anointing them, moistening them, adoring them before My mouth was on her own..Our lips touched and some wet spark of heat would rush through her.

Fionnoula would timidly, tilt her head, part her lips and yield to Me. She would lose herself in that moment. Time would mean little as neither of us knew anything of the world moving around us. The only thing that existed was the kiss. The only thing that mattered was ourselves. But what it was that made her writhe and moan and climax, was when she’s close her teeth and I’d lick her gums…Aye, her gums. Whenever this happened, I kid ye not, she’d grab My shoulders, pull Me closer into her, her breath heavy then panting…she’d moan and yelp and shudder under the pusling waves of her orgasm. All the while My hands never leaving her head, My mouth on hers.

Of course she could’ve been faking but she’d always beg Me to kiss her that way again and again she’d have the same reaction.

Another lover was My ample-bosomed Aoife. She was a hungry kisser. One time in the dark alcove of a sweaty night club I grabbed her and pulled her to Me, pinning her to the wall, crushing her body against Mine. Somehow the kiss could lay waste to words, strip them of any meaning, those poor vessels for communication, they couldnt convey how we felt. Only a kiss could burn through the bullshit and the doubt and say, this, this is how I feel about ye, this is how I want you, this is how I need you. Aye, the kiss was full of need. Her lips crushed Mine, her mouth sucked My tongue in deeply, both of us wanting to feast on the other. We were both Dominant and every interaction was full of the fire that burns when two strong-minded individuals connect.

In the dark alcove in that sweaty bar, I plunged My tongue into her mouth, My hands pushing her head to the side, giving Me deeper access. Her hot breath fileld My mouth.As she breathed out I breathed in. I growled as I kissed her, raping her mouth with the stabs of My tongue, bruising her lips, grunting as I ground My hard body against her. Some moments I’d ease back and lick at her neck, tasting the salty sweat on her nape, nibbling her flesh, the aroma from her cleavage rising to fill My senses…her hands were on My arse, gripping tight, her mouth on Mine again and suddenly, she was shaking, shuddering and moaning loudly into My mouth, only the music drowning out her cries as she c ame. Was I dryhumping her too…aye, well, perhaps a little…but it was the kiss…the kiss that I believe made the moment. It conveyed the passion, the hunger of two people wanting to possess the othr entirely…

Kissing is not vanilla and neither is it bdsm. It’s something I truly enjoy.Somehow a lingering, sensual kiss can have so many nuances of passion and pleasure. My mouth on a lover’s, the softness of her lips against My own or My teasing tongue. Sometimes eyes open is perfect as if you’re gazing deep into the person’s soul, seeing that secret self no one else gets to see. I never fail to be moved when pale blue eyes darken with that hunger.

When I pull a lover’s body against Mine, her breasts pressing against My chest, crushed beneath our clothes and that animal embrace, My fingers caressing her neck, gripping her hair, tender or demanding, My mouth planting soft kisses along that spot in the crook between neck and collarbone before suckling on the lower lip, tugging on it, suckin’ just slightly harder to elicit a moan then let the kiss take us wherever it may…

Have a great 2014 everybody.
Be horny, be healthy, be brave and kiss who you wanna kiss, love who you wanna love and keep on keepin’ on.

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