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The Importance of Touch

How often do you touch another person in your day-to-day life? Hold hands, hug or snuggle? Did you know that affectionate touch is responsible in part for your overall well-being? That it can affect your moods, your ability to sleep and even how you appeal to the opposite sex?

Oxytocin. It is a feel good hormone, the ultimate anti-stress chemical. Our bodies release it during childbirth (OK, I’ll admit I don’t get the correlation to feeling good there), during sex, touching, and in large quantities during orgasm. When you participate in these activities, your body naturally releases more of it and you feel less stressed, calm, affectionate, trusting, generous and more social. The main side effect of a high Oxytocin level? A general feeling of well-being and of being loved. Sign me up!

Ever wonder why when you have a lot of sex you want it more and when you don’t get much you lose interest after awhile? Oxytocin. When your levels are high, from all that touching, sex and orgasms, the side effect is to WANT more. Conversely, when your levels are low from a lack of touch, well, you suffer the negative side effect. Your sex drive decreases drastically.

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So use this knowledge to do some good for others and feel great. Touch each other more. Hold hands, hug, cuddle or simply sit close to someone else. Give a massage, it is one of the best ways for both parties to raise their levels simultaneously. Affectionately touch a friend who is without a partner, knowing it is not about sex but about helping to keep one another balanced, because they might be suffering from the ill effects of low Oxytocin.

And yes, I know all to well the signs of being touch starved because It’s been 19 days since I felt Daddy’s touch and I have 11 more to go. Lucky for me, my home is equipped with two little cuddle buddies who do all they can, but I could probably use a boost of Oxytocin myself before too long. It’s no wonder I am flying high the entire time I am with my Love, each of us soaking up as much of the other as possible to tide us over until we can be together again. I wonder what an overdose of the stuff can do to you?!


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