Kinky Dating Online

kinky dating online

Submissive’s Of Quality

This blog post is primarily aimed at potential 24/7 candidates, not someone I’m negotiating a brief interlude with.

She is seeking to serve a very strict Master who will engage her as His slave; modifying her behavior and attitude to His will through hard work, obedience training, and discipline.

She is service-oriented, very well mannered, clean shaved and always in neat appearance.

She is attractive, warm, caring, and an extremely pleasant person to be around.

she is tolerant of pain and has very few limits.

She brings to bare a great amount of focus and attention to detail in his service, and she avidly seeks having her limits explored, tested, stretched and modified to suit the needs of her Master.

She is willing to accept humiliation, degradation, spanking, caning, whipping, caging, anything which her Master would want to do to her, or whatever would give him the most satisfaction, pleasure or amusement.

She loves to engage in sessions that are intense and wickedly fun, but she seeks to serve a Master who will always be protective of her health and safety.

She is a woman who knows she is born to serve, but she is also a person of worth, intellect and value.

She is highly selective to the Master she surrenders to.

She is extremely clean, and she is drug and disease free. Inside, she is truly a hot little cunt that desires sexually to be a wet little slut to her Master but that part of her only truly awakens to it s greatest zenith to the Master she feels she can be 100% submissive to.

She is someone who has a questioning and inquisitive mind.

She enjoys conversing on topics outside of the lifestyle and her interests range from business, the arts, technology, to travel, but she also knows when to be silent.

She can serve as a beautiful, poised, demure companion out in public and a great little whore and sensual/service submissive in the bedroom.

She is Master’s best friend and Alpha to any other slave living in the house hold.

She is intelligent and has very good domestic skills that complement her submissive and sexual service.

She enjoys dressing in any form or manner that will tantalize and please her Master.

She takes great pleasure in looking beautiful for her Master and for those with whom He associates with.

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