How to Inspire Devotion in a Sub

Spend time with her.

Hold her hand.

Make her coffee (or tea or hot chocolate or anything she loves).

Talk to her about everything.

Let her sleep with her head on your shoulder.

Allow her to feel useful by cooking you a meal or by rubbing your feet.

Give her tasks.

Lead her lovingly.

Command her confidently.

Use her roughly.

Never let her doubt that she is safer with you than with anyone else.

Protect her heart.

Romance her.

Stimulate her imagination.

Keep her guessing.

Offer the unexpected.

Give her many opportunities to know you.

Never let her stop learning what pleases you.

Encourage her dreams.

Enable her fantasies.

Let her serve you in every way her heart desires.

Appreciate her uniqueness, her efforts, her submission.

Remind her how important and special that owning her is to you.

Treasure her and show it in every action.

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– wickedsurrender2