How To Give Squirting G-spot Orgasms

How To Give Squirting G-spot Orgasms…

Due to the other articles I have written about female arousal, several people have asked me to instruct them how to give squirting G-spot orgasms… Instead of writing it out in a detailed written description, here are few excellent instructional videos… A video is worth a thousand words.



Tips for G-spot Beginners:

 If you are struggling to achieve G-spot orgasms, try using a blindfold. The elimination of sight heightens the other sense of touch, hearing and smell which puts a sub into her mind.

Although mastering the G-spot technique is important, the bigger factor is your mental arousal. If your mind is highly aroused (lots of attraction, lots of anticipation/flirting and lots of foreplay), your body will be extremely sexually responsive when you try to have G-spot orgasm using the technique. You may want to read following articles about mental arousal: Pre-Foreplay: Arouse The Mind First, The Body Follows Eagerly

Notes for Single Women:

 If you want to experience G-spot orgasms but don’t have a partner, I recommend you consider purchasing a G-spot vibe or a curve G-spot glass/stainless steel dildo (i.e nJoy Pure Wand, nJoy Eleven). Both are very effective.

You may also want to consider purchasing a set of Ben Wa balls or Kegel Exercisers – wearing them inside your pussy for 1-2 hours while doing house chores will significantly strengthen your lower pelvic floor and improves the power and intensity of you sexual response to stimulation.

Enjoy and have fun everyone….