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Six easy steps for easing into anal sex.

Anal Sex

I have had lots of questions based on anal sex and why it doesn’t feel good, or hurts or why they cant seem to achieve the feeling from anal sex which is described by myself and many others as ‘amazing’!

I wasn’t always the epic anal whore I have gradually been turned into. Like most girls, I have had several bad experiences with ex boyfriends and random dudes who watched highly edited pornos and thought that jamming it in there with no warning was a good idea.

Yet here I am. After years of telling guys that if they tried sticking anything in my ass, I would stick my foot in theirs. I find myself on my knees begging my a Master to fill my ass with hard cock.

So I decided to write an easy to read, understand, and apply manual.

This is for the new to anal, or someone who hasn’t had the best experiences with anal sex before.

Step one: Alway enema. Always be clean.
One of the biggest problems that women find is that they don’t like the uneasy feeling that the prospect of anal sex brings them. But the uneasy feeling that prevents them from being able to relax has a lot to do with the embarrassment of feeling unclean. The fear of what may be one the other end when that lovely man withdraws. We all cringe at that thought. It doesn’t matter how much we think we might like it; when we feel dirty (and not the good kind of dirty) we will struggle to relax.

So always enema. Whether it be a bag or squirting system it doesn’t matter. Just fill yourself up, retain for a reasonable time, and once you have discharged that water, clean again. You may need to do this up to three times (I always do).

Step two: Always wait.
Give your self a good 25 mins after your last discharge to make sure all the water has come out other wise the suprises are never nice. If you enema correctly you should find that all the water isn’t out for about 20 minuiets.
In case you aren’t paying attention, I’ll say it again. Always give your self a good half hour after your last enema to make sure everything is out for you take the next step. Use that time to have a shower and feel fresh, clean and ready to relax and enjoy.

Step three: Plug yourself.
After you feel that all the water is out, find the butt-plug that you find most comfortable and put it in. I enjoy going into the shower after the enema and putting my plug in there. This experience is about making and taking the time to make sure that you will enjoy it and get a lot out of the experience instead of worrying and being uncomfortable.

This will do two different things. It will first make sure that anything left over in you will want to come out. Next it will begin to stretch you and get you accustomed to having something in your ass after the enema. Relax and enjoy this self play, it should turn you on, which none of us are going to complain about. If you are wanting to start having regular anal sex I do recommend you find a plug that you can wear regularly and become accustomed to wearing for extended periods of time. It is not so much the ‘in’ motion that makes us uncomfortable it has a lot to do with the outward pull and withdrawing. So having something in there before sex will allow our ass to relax and stretch and stop the stress and shock when his/her cock is being inserted.

Step four: Play with it.
I think it is a great experince to let the top play with the plug. This allows the fear of what will happen slowly dissipate with the experience. And relaxing and enjoying this play going to highten the sensation. After adding all this up you can start to see that by the time you start this process you can be looking at about 40-45 minuets before you are ready for sex. Again this process will take away the shock of the cock being inserted.

Step five: Relax!
Always, always, always relax. Relaxing has been said a bunch of times already, but it deserves a ‘Step’ of its own. The more you tense up the more uncomfortable you be, the more it will hurt, and this pain may cause you to clench further and may even cause a split.

Step six: Enjoy
Have fun, enjoy what is happening. Stimulate your clitoris.Because you have been conditioned to know that your clitoris (or cock) is a pleasure centre, your mind will associate what is happening with your ass as pleasurable too. Let yourself go. Embrace the new feelings and allow the sensations to take over.

So use these points and learn what works for you. This works for me and when people ask me for advice, this is the process I describe. My master is happy to wait for me becasue he know that this process will make me really enjoy the sex. Often I will start in the hour before I know he is due to get home, so he can fuck my ass on arrival.

And when you get your own little pattern happening you will find yourself taking the process whenever you have a little play date. It makes you feel good, clean happy and healthy.

So in conclusion.
1: enema- always make sure your clean
2: wait- always wait enough time until all has been discharged.
3: plug yourself- make sure you plug yourself to help stretch.
4: play with it- let you top play with the plug to help the sensations become a little normalised.
5: RELAX- relax and relax some more.
6: Enjoy

To get from where I was, to where I am now took time, patience, a fair bit of work (which I secretly enjoyed), a whole lot of lube, a variety of butt-plugs, and a worn out Hitachi.

Now stop reading and get to work!

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Anal Sex - Six easy steps.
After years of telling guys that if they tried sticking anything in my ass, I would stick my foot in theirs. I find myself on my knees begging my a Master to fill my ass with hard cock.

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