Mistress Leah

Gender woman
Seeking man
Age 39
Country United States
City Everywhere

I am a Strict, beautiful, spoiled goddess and all around fun educated and intelligent Mistress. I am both beauty and brains that has complete control over my subs.  I can be cruel and playful at the same time and often enjoy both deviously.   I enjoy having and utilizing male slaves and subbies in many ways and for many reasons.

My favorite part about men is that they are full of testosterone which is a great encouragement for extreme dedication and working hard. Men will go to war for women, they will work hard to provide for women, they will make fools of themselves to IMPRESS women, all in conquest of the mere attention and pleasure of women.

It is rather sweet.

To describe Myself beyond the profile picture I am open minded, creative to the point of being perverted.  It is hard for Me to think outside the box since I never like to consider the box’s existence in the first place.  I do not like the concepts of “normal”, “right” or “wrong”.  Things just “are” in My world.  Upon discovering the lifestyle a few years ago, I began to study and play online with knowing and willing partners.

I am a Half Korean and Half German, multifaceted narcissistic Dominant Woman.  I have a wicked sense of humor and a sharp tongue and I totally believe in my own omnipotence.

I am a highly educated, well-mannered intelligent woman with a passion of kink and a background in the arts and psychology.

I have come to realize that ruling over and being served by testosterone laden pigs is a life that I was predestined for.

I offer total physical, sexual and mental control for those who want to cross the line into consensual real time slavery.  I require total and absolute control and dedication from my slaves.

If you believe you are worthy of being one of my possessions or pets and believe you can pass my high standards then email me here on the site where you can politely prove yourself…

I rarely take last minute appointments so you will be lucky if you are chosen to talk with me, if at all.