Celtic Syren

Gender woman
Seeking man
Age 46
Country United States
City Sacramento


Looking to HAVE FUN, live, love, laugh, dance, cross items off my bucket list, meet new friends, party with current friends, reconnect with old friends...

DISCLAIMER: OK Boys this is for you so read carefully!

I am NOT looking for MR. RIGHT (not sure he even exists)...

I am NOT looking for MR. RIGHT NOW (I can't even express how retarded I find that line)...

I AM looking to expand my circle of sexy friends to hangout, party, and dance with and just be around without any bullshit boundaries or mood killing melodrama or jealousies.

That is until MR. ALWAYS finds me... B)

I'm a 5'3" green eyed, fiery blond, Celtic Siren... I'm outgoing, flirtatious, fun loving, funny, sarcastic as hell, very intelligent and sexy. I love sci-fi and fantasy shows, movies and books. I love the outdoors, but I hate long walks on the beach!! I do however love long rides on a motorcycle! I like loud music, fast cars, good scotch (McCallen 18 yr), good whiskey (Jameson and Tulemore Dew), and excellent wine (deep reds). I enjoy wine tasting (I'm a Zin girl), concerts, and trying crazy new things! I love sports! (yes boys all by my big girl self) I like football, basketball, motocross, hockey, boxing, X games. I hate NASCAR, golf and baseball. I'd rather watch paint dry. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to dance! I like rock n roll, rap, blues, honky-tonk and hip hop. I HATE country! Sorry cowboys, just not my thing.  I believe romance is how you treat someone day to day, it doesn't live in flowers and chocolates... I tend to be attracted to big (6'+ 200lbs+) DOM men. However I've realized I'm not all that submissive outside of the bedroom. I'm a very alpha female. I know what I want and what I need and the difference in the two. I don't NEED a man to tell me how to live my life. I WANT a man to enjoy & share in life's adventures and wonders... I am not into double standards, EVER! Consider yourself warned, I AM A WARRIOR GODDESS!! I am not a true "bi"... If the mood strikes and the chemistry is right... I'm open to a lot of things... But it's MEN I'm attracted to...

Pics don't do a lot for me. I'm a 3D live girl. Personality is what it's all about. If you can make me laugh and carry on a conversation for longer that 10 min about something other than sex you have my attention. But don't expect a response from me if you don't include a face pic. I do want to at least know who I'm talking to. And no I will not communicate with you via email or send pics so don't ask. You can see what I look like on here. My profile is updated as are my pics.