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My Gentleman Master

My Master is firm and unyielding. He pushes my limits and takes utter control of me. But He is also a gentleman in every essence of the word. Chivalry is our protocol. Yes it is even in our contract.

When in the company of my Master, I am never allowed to open the door to any building myself. His rule is that He must always open the door for me and allow me to enter first. The same goes for opening my car door. Even when it is pouring rain I must have His permission to open the door myself.

It gives him great pleasure to see the look on people’s faces when I wait patiently for Him to open the door for me even when I could just so easily do it myself. Sometimes He really likes to make me wait until I’m tempted to break His silly rule. People usually think that I am some kind of conceited and egotistical bitch and that I have my man on a short leash. Funny how it is actually the other way around. Like I stated; it’s His rule. I am punished with orgasm denial if I fault on it.

I am completely His slave and His property; His valuable property. I’m valued like His Queen and He wants everyone to know it. I am not a worthless thingthat is just used and abused. I am His property and He takes great care of His valuables. I am very well taken care of emotionally, physically, privately and publicly.

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My Master is a gentleman.

He upholds a standard that has become lost in our present society.

He buys me flowers just because. And he does it frequently enough that He always remembers the date of the last time He did it.

He opens my car door for me.

He makes me enter a building before Him.

He owns me and He loves me and He wants me to always see how much He cares for me in the littlest of gestures.

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