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Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games): My Secret Stash of Anal Plugs Were Discovered by the Hotel Maid!

The 23-year-old actress told the talk show host (Jimmy Fallen) how if she wasn’t an actress then she would probably be a hotel maid. She then told a story about how a maid came across her stash of sex toys!

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I heard the maid coming, so I stashed my copious amount of Anal Plugs underneath  the bed. I returned to the room to find them perfectly displayed according to size, shape and color on my night stand. I think she knew what she was doing! lol

kinky dating online


Anal 101 (Proper Anal for the Properly Submissive Woman)

Use enough lube to get the job done and not a drop more. Start with a finger and enjoy the foreplay. The anus is loaded with tons of nerve endings and, even though it’s just a finger, it’s making a powerful statement. This is the “What have we here?” moment. This is the reveal of how vulnerable she is… that you can finger her – THERE. And she can wiggle and squirm her bottom (which is great fun to watch), but it cannot escape your intent. And all the time she’s contending with your finger, she’s well aware that this is just a hint of what’s going to be coming – so to speak.

When you’re ready, graduate to two fingers – it’s a tighter fit to be sure, and you’ll definitely get a reaction out of her, but only do the two fingers for about half as long as you did the one. You want to start getting her asshole pliable enough to take those two fingers, but you don’t want to get it too loose – you just want to get it pliable enough to accommodate your shaft and when you do, it’s time to introduce your cock. Place your engourged head on her hole and apply steady pressure. This is cresting the big hill on the roller coaster for her – her suspense and anticipation are building to a fever pitch. Her second thoughts collide with perverse curiosity – there’s no turning back now. If she’s smart, she’ll relax her hole. If she’s smarter, she’ll push outward. However, regardless of what she does, her reluctant little sphincter will soon collapse under the increasing pressure and flower open, stretching wide to swallow the unrelenting inches. That’s when you’ve got her. That’s when the bitch is really yours.

This is the moment of invasion – she’s dealing with the stretching of her tight hole, the greased friction of something entering her exit. Even if she wants it, there will still be a primal part of her body that wants to panic. Give her a moment. You’ve got her now – there’s no rush. Let her adjust to the invasion. If her asshole is going to cramp or spasm, now is the time it will happen. If so, quickly pull out the head. Don’t worry – she’s not getting out of this, you just want to be careful getting into this – you don’t want to break you your new favorite toy. Give her a moment to catch her breath and then get back in there. If, on that initial stroke, you felt rubbery drag that is uncomfortable on your cock – there’s too little lube. Add a bit more. If you feel sloppy wetness like a pussy, you’ve used too much. Wipe her asshole with your hand and stroke your cock, so that some of that lube just saved for the shaft. Then, when her breathing has calmed, reposition the head and resume pressure until her asshole swallows you up again. Gauge the sounds she makes upon reentry – if she’s in trouble, pull out and give her another moment. If all is well, then hold her firmly by the back of her neck, a grip of her wrist/s, or a fist full of hair – not to cause pain, but to remind her that you are with her, that you have got her and that you are the one in control of this situation.

Sink in deep, but hold back an inch or two to suprise her with later. Hold still for a few moments to give her muscle a chance to adjust to the girth of that hard pole and allow her to absorb the sensations of what is happening. Take this time to focus on your own pleasure – the tight ring gripping your shaft, the warm, snug sheath of her forbidden passage… any woman will spread her legs – you got this one to spread her cheeks… listen to her excited breathing, mewling moans or vulnerable whimpers, etc. Everyone knows who’s in charge now. Savor it and begin enjoying yourself.

kinky dating online

After the first few strokes, once you’ve picked up the pace and she thinks she’s beginning to understand the game, it’s time to give her the full length of your cock. Surprise her with those extra inches you’ve been holding back – now she really knows exactly what she’s gotten herself into, but it’s too late now – she’s getting a crash course in Anal 101 and you’re deep into her first lesson.

The preliminaries are over now – Start fucking her ass as though it were a pussy. It’s not, of course, and no one knows that more than she. For you, it’s very similar, yet very different, but comparably pleasurable. You could just as easily be in her pussy… but you’re not. And when her ass feels this good on your cock, why bother? Enjoy the sounds of her breathing and the noises she makes. Use them as a guide as to when and how much to push her or ease off. This isn’t rape. You only win if she allows you to finish without using a safe word or screaming bloody murder. So pay attention and keep pushing her to the edge of her limits. Sometimes a whimper means you’ve found a forbidden “itch” and rather than back off, it’s time to “scratch” harder… and deeper.

When it seems that she’s at the end of her rope, push in deep and hold it there. Give her ass a moment to rest from the friction, but only at the cost of getting your thick tip as deep into her gut as you can. Grind your loins on her bottom and eventually resume the fucking. Set your pace and she will follow.

Proper anal is not about causing a muscle spasm or making her bleed. It’s about making her accept and endure and, in her own submissive way, enjoy. It’s about her pussy being horny, but her ass being fucked. The whole time you’re fucking her, your cock is inside her ass, rubbing along the outside wall of the hole where her body wants you to be. Your cock is teasing her pussy all the while it’s piston pumping her anal sheath. Reach down between her legs and feel how wet she is. Whisper in her ear and let her know that YOU know her dirty little secret…

Until anal sex, her asshole has essentially only ever felt the equivalent of one or two out-strokes whenever she sits on toilet, her body releases “good job” endorphin’s and she cleans up before returning to civilized society on the other side of the bathroom door. Now her asshole is feeling countless out-strokes with no relief of expulsion and, instead, those strokes are inter-cut with invasive in-strokes, reaming open her tight hole, stuffing her colon with a pummeling, hard and hungry cock. Her pussy is frustrated and confused. Endorphines for both panic and pleasure are battling through her body as you selfishly pump her ass with little sense of conflict or consequence. It feels good and it’s all yours – you’re going to milk it for all that it’s worth… until it’s milking you through an orgasm.

When you feel you are about to cum, fuck that ass as hard and fast as you can to get in your final strokes – this is your last chance to speak with your cock. These last few seconds are no time for moderation or consideration – it’s time to make your anal statement – end it with an exclamation point!

Now it’s time – you’re ready to blow. Do not pull out and spray on her back, instead, you sink your cock in as deep as you can and pump her ass full of cum. Cum as deep and hard as you can, free from any nagging concerns about fertility and birth control. In this moment, she and her ass exist soley for your pleasure, completely for your cum. Pump’er in the dumper – pump your seed so deep that she’ll still be finding it in the toilet two days from now… and when she does, she’ll be reminded about what she allowed you to do to her bottom and how it made her feel…. and how she belongs to you. Shame and arousal. Guilt and craving. Reticent, but ready for more.

– StrictOlderM

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