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I loved her…So I let her go

In March I let my best friend of three years walk out of my life. We met when I was sad and alone in a new city and she entertained me. Over time she fell for me and then I broke her heart when I was transferred out of state for work. We kept in touch and had many late night phone conversations. Occasionally we would travel to see one another.

We clicked on many levels but things got awkward when we tried to scene. Spanking comes naturally to me and usually flows freely, with her things were different. I think we had different ideas and expectations on how things would go. We worked through things and communicated and eventually she warmed up to my approach and over time things improved.

Recently we had some very open and honest communication and it came out that I was holding her back. While I loved her, I was not IN love with her and not seeking a long term commitment. She mentioned dating others but her mind was preoccupied with me and the relationships were terminated. She talked about how life would have been better had she never met me and if I wasn’t in her life anymore. This concept hurt me and I couldn’t understand how someone could just throw away 3 years like that. We starting having the same conversation every time we talked and I realized I had to set her free to live her life and find the happiness she deserves. I loved her… So I let her go. I wish her all the best and hope she finds her happily ever after.

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