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How to treat a woman

I am annoyed at encountering so many women with low self esteem. It’s not natural and it’s no accident that they feel that way. I could list dozens of ways to make women feel worthless. Given their tendency to accede to peer pressure and to be influenced by marketing ploys, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

To those women I have a simple message: you are beautiful and anyone who tells you different is a liar. Your tits are just the right size. Your body is the way it should be.

To the men who think it’s ok to prey on the sensitivities of women for personal gain, you are not worthy to lick shit off their shoes.

To the men who care about women with low self esteem, tell her how lovely she is, as often as you can. Develop a blind spot for the things that make her cringe. Kiss the parts of her body that she most hates, just because you can.

Being kind does not make you any less dominant. Being unkind simply makes you an arse.


To those who’ve made such kind comments, thank you.

To those who think I’m patronising to women, you’re entitled to your opinion.

To those who think I wrote this as ‘self publicity’, you’re wrong, but be careful how hard you swim against the tide of opinion; it doesn’t make you look clever, just out of touch.

This won’t chime with everyone’s beliefs, but if it encourages people to think about the issue, that’s as much as I could wish for.

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