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How to meet family oriented and charming girls from Russia with no risk for being scammed.

A lot of men  dream  of finding a  loving  woman from Russia and Ukraine and become victims of scammers  – It has become big business in Russia and the Ukraine for individuals and companies to start virtual or real relationships with the goal of swindling you out of your hard earned money.

Latest internet research shows that 80% of profiles submitted  by charming Ukrainian brides  at free dating services with online subscription are totally or partially false. Of course not all of them are scammers. Many are real  brides who do not provide  true information about themselves: they lie about their age, marital status , goals, they upload pictures which are so modified  that you would never recognize them in real life.

 There are two main steps in protecting yourself:

1.Try to avoid  big dating sites when a ladies profile is made (only) by Internet with no video. The reason is simple: when a lady fills out the form on the internet you have no guarantee that the entered   information represents   the reality of who she really is. You will see a photo of a beautiful Ukrainian lady  with a perfect  body; educated, faithful, honest , a good cook and so on and often you will know too late that there is a scammer hiding behind the profile.

2. Find a reliable   local Marriage agency where Ukrainian brides PERSONNALY subscribe at the agency office. In this way you will have a 100% GUARANTEE that all Russian and Ukrainian brides  listed in the Marriage agency catalog really exist, have authentic recent pictures  and are REALLY sincere. Ask to video or Skype with the ladies you serious about.

Trustful agencies will never ask money before you get a first hand impression from selected Ukrainian brides and experience the agency’s process.

A reliable marriage Agency will also make the arrangements of your first meeting and they will help you until you create a long-term relationship or marry the Ukrainian fiancée. So ask about their process and base your decision mostly on what they tell you.

The fact that all the brides in the catalog are from one town is a good sign. It means that the agency does not accept a bride’s   profile that was created only by internet subscription.

This way you have a guarantee that you will find a REAL lady, sincerely motivated to find the man of her dreams. is a trustworthy Marriage and Dating Agencies with 100% scam protection. Free catalog of beautiful Ukrainian and beautiful Russian brides. Only real profiles, online webchat, scam protection, romance tours to Kharkiv, Ukraine, documents for fiancee visa, and happy love stories.

I know it’s unique for one dating site to plug another without being owned by the same company. A good friend of mine was scammed trying to find a Russian bride so we thought we would do a story on it.

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