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How to love a beast…

When I came home that night, with my red hood torn and disheveled, my eyes crazed with new understanding and feral beginnings, my mama took one look at me and sighed.. because she’d fallen for another, similar mythical creature long ago, as well…

“Listen up, girl… he’s a man, and he’ll love you like one, maybe even fuck you like one, but he’s also not a man. Some nights you will come to him, and he will have leaves in his hair, and dirt under his nails, and you will look into his beautiful brown eyes and he won’t.. he won’t be ALL THERE, yet. You have to let him go sometimes, my heart. If you can’t, if you try to restrain this wild and inexplicable thing, you won’t have it at all. And believe me, any having is worth any price.”

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Her eyes went bleak and sad, and her shoulders slumped, then, because I realized that she hadn’t understood that, when it was her with the red riding hood… she’d tried to civilize him with matching sets of china and quiet nights by the fire. When.. he WAS the fire, leaping through the forest. And he had begged her to join him.. not to become like him, but to hang on tightly to his fur and let him leap with her among the treetops, make love by hidden pools of water in the oldest parts of the woods. Become the forest with him, for a few hours.

But she couldn’t do it, she didn’t understand. But I did, because it was the wildness in my own soul that called out to his, and I had no fear of it, the way she did. I didn’t need to squash it down under cotton and tight braids and fresh baked cookies. I was a creature of earth and blood and howling and an edge of madness… and the next time we met, I greeted him in total nakedness, and we ran together, my beast and me…

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