Kinky Dating Online

kinky dating online

Her Offering

Master: “Offer yourself to me!”

Slave: Assumes the position – on her stomach, arms out front, legs shoulder width apart.

Master: “Why do you offer yourself to me?”

Slave: “I configure my body in this way and offer it to you because my body is your body and you are my master. Do with me as you wish, Sir.”

Master: I mount her like an animal in the wild. My forearm gently traps her face on the pillow. I hear the familiar cry of “Oh Master!” as I penetrate the center of her flower.

It always ends the same way – an elongated explosion of Dominant energy in and on her. The Master savers the feeling of her skin against his and the smell of her mane acts as an aphrodisiac that keeps his dick, hard enough to cut diamonds for a few hours after.

The Master always finds her gift of submission incredibly moving, he could search the world over and never find anyone who epitomizes the love and devotion of the perfect slave as she does.

Her offering is always well received.

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