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Cum for me

I love those words, three simple words that send chills down our spines. Cum for me, my hand around your throat so careful to not crush your delicate bones, but hard enough to remind you that you belong to me.

Cum for me, a kiss deep and long your head tilted back as I bear into you with my desire for you. Cum for me, your breath quickens your heart rate jumps up. I feel it through your neck, I feel it as I kiss you as the warm breath from your nose crashes against my cheek.

Cum for me, your hips begin to rock, you can’t stop them, they want me inside of you, you are my toy and your body knows who owns it. Cum for me, the moans and whimpers begin to escape your throat. Your hips move quicker more chaotically as your body loses the fight against the lust overtaking it.

Cum for me, I know what you want you are limp in my hands a moaning, hip thrusting ball of desire and need. You are so beautiful like this, so incredibly hot. It is no wonder I do this to you often. I love to see you lost in a world of pleasure with nothing but a kiss and a touch.

Cum for me, I know your panties are becoming soaked, I love how wet and ready you get for me. I love knowing you are aching for me. Cum for me, I know you are ready. I know you are mine, and it is time to remind you.

“Cum for me” I say the words out loud, whispered into your ear, and your body falls apart.

kinky dating online


Cum for me, Your breath hitches, a soft ecstatic moan begins deep inside of you threatening to tear from your mouth as you fight to remain quiet. Your hips shake and quiver, your body spasms uncontrollably. Cum for me, I feel the orgasm vibrating uncontrollably through your body, the ecstasy erasing all rationale thought for a time. I feel your knees buckle and I support you in my arms as you collapse into me. Your hands reach up and grab my back pulling yourself closer to me. It is incredible to watch. The way you so obediently do as you are told. The way you have given yourself to me.

Cum for me, The orgasm continues for a time I can see you beginning to come down, but I am not done with you. I love to watch you cum this way and I want to see more. “Do not stop cumming for me.” I say, and your body rocks into another cataclysm of sensation. This one seemingly more intense then the last. The moans and whimpers intensify and I become so incredibly turned on.

I love the power, the feeling of control and incredible intimacy of it all. I love those three words. I love that you obey.

Cum for me.

Maybe I should let you take your coat off.

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kinky dating online

You no doubt make me laugh, but he makes me cum!

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