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When I cuddle you I want you to know that you are safe, secure, and loved. Cuddle time is more than just pressing your body against mine. It is more than pre or post coitus ritual. It’s my way of saying, “Hey, You matter to me.” The way I hold you tells you something different. But no matter how I hold you, you should know that I care.

One Arm Spooning

When I’m laying behind you with one arm behind my head and the other wrapped around your body I’m telling you that I’m here but you still have your space. You should feel secure knowing that even if you get up to get a drink or use the bathroom that I will be there in the same pose waiting for your return. Your hands wrapped around my arm tell me that you feel safe and comfortable.

Two Arm Spooning

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I moved that arm under your neck, cradling you, holding you closer to my heart. In this pose I’m telling you that you’re special. You will always be close to my heart even if a thousand miles separates us. This pose is more secure than the one arm spoon. You feel tied up in me, I will protect you from anything that may interfere with your bliss.

On My Back Your Head on My Chest One Arm.

On my back I’m showing you that I to am vulnerable. I’m telling you that I need you, that I want you. Your head on my chest puts you close to my heart and your body tucked into mines tells me that you are there. I hold you but really it’s you that’s holding me.

Two Arms Wrapped Around You with Your Head on My Chest.

My arms embrace your body your head pressed against my chest shows you my strength. That no matter how hard you try to pull away how tall a wall you build that I will hold strong. My heartbeat soothes you. It lulls you and relaxes. I hold you firm muscles flexed so tight you can barely move, although you don’t want to. You may try to fight it, but in the depths of you, you long to be held like this. This is the most secure you can feel and the most security I can give.

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