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Creating Subspace

In many BDSM blogs and stories, you will find the term ‘subspace’ as it applies to the slave’s experience of a scene.


Since there isn’t a clear definition for this term (as it’s a personal experience for everyone), it’s a little difficult to describe. Most slaves will tell you that it’s the feeling of being elsewhere when they are being ‘tortured’ by their Dom/mes or controlled in some way.

It occurs when the Dom/me has completely taken over control, both physical and emotional, of their slave so that the slave’s mind is filled with nothing but the sensations and the verbalization’s that are going on in the present moment.

They are completely at the will of their Master or Mistress.

Subspace can feel like the slave is floating in a place far away from the actual action, though their responses are immediate to their Dom/me and appropriate. They are completely obedient in this head-space and can take more pain than they thought they could before.

Scientifically speaking, this is generally the part where the endorphins are rushing through the body, making it feel good.

In order to create that subspace for a slave, there are several things that a Dominant will want to keep in mind:

  • What does the slave/sub want from the scene?
  • Is pain being applied consistently and at higher and higher levels, without being harmful? (for this reason alone, I personally would never use pain as a punishment. Never, ever strike your slave/sub in anger. It makes it very confusing for the slave to enter subspace if they are confused about the possibility of having done something to upset you.) It’s much more effective to use discipline techniques for punishment and save the pain for creating subspace (slave happy drugs ).
  • How many senses am I in control of? How can I control more of them?
  • Are there cues that send a slave into subspace? In the past, were there things that made the slave feel good? For example, some slaves find the enclosure of a hood can create instant subspace.

Subspace is something that makes a slave feel pleasure as well as gives them a feeling of utter calm and relaxation. It can also be a sign that the Master is pleased with the slave and is rewarding them for the pain they have taken or the obedience they have shown.

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