Kinky Dating Online

kinky dating online


All Doms want it, most even need it, I know I do. My need for it is so complete, so necessary, so unquestionable one could call it a relationship deal breaker.

Having said that points to a obvious dilemma, every human being walking the planet was born with the power to choose, or more accurately put, the power to create their own life experience.

So the question then becomes how does one achieve control by “Enrollment?” (cheerful submission)

Control by enrollment is achieved when submission is given freely, regularly, and cheerfully without effort.

Any slave task can be made to be fun, from protocol tasks to a regular collaring ceremony.

What ever the task or duty, make it regular, pleasing and reverant to them (and to you) and the momentum of the regularity makes it a ritual.

The ritual makes the control effortless at that point.

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