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Choke me.

Choke me. Make me cry. Manhandle me. Toss me around as though I were weightless. Take my sexuality and exploit it until I beg for freedom from your grasp and then hold on tighter. Choke me harder. Force me to gag on your fingers and cock. Do not let up. Do not allow me to escape who I am. Force me to confront what lies beneath the surface. Remind me of the woman I am. The plaything, the toy.

Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Make me scream cruel, unforgiving words. Allow me, in just this moment, to hate you. To fight to thrust back against you, shoving your cock deeper, hurting me even more. Take what you have craved, what I have coveted. Be relentless. I beg you to unleash your deviance, marking me in your passion.

Give me what I have never had yet desperately sought. Brutalize me. Force me to succumb to all that scares me, to all that paralyzes me in fear.

Please? How hard do I have to beg? What do you want from me, blood?

And will you Marry Me?

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kinky dating online

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