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Balance of emotions – Seeking that delicate harmony between jealousy and compersion, communicating emotions openly, confronting challenging emotions with the help and support of partners as well as following your heart and instincts while giving the mind a chance to contribute to the equation as well.
kinky dating online
Clearly I believe there is some good dating advice on the internet or I wouldn't waste my time running a kinky dating site or work so hard to write and find killer content for others to consume. In addition to writing dating advice and tips I want people to think about what they are reading and who the author is before they take anything they read as gospel, my writings included.
kinky dating online
MASTERS OF THE MIND FUCK. Intelligent subs can be quite a handful. They often outsmart their wannabe Doms seeing right through them and quickly getting bored and frustrated (insert eye rolling subbie here). Ah, but the geeky Dom can see right to the core of this subbie, knows what makes her tick and can wrap his mind around her essence and whip her little brain into a chaotic frenzy and drop her to her knees before she knows what's happening and she'll never see it coming. Trust me, we appreciate this ability... we crave this ability... we need this ability.
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Please pull my hair. Pull me outside of my own head. Bring me crashing into the here and now. Take away all the thoughts of my responsibilities and obligations. Please choke me, hard. Make me focus on nothing but my breathing and heartbeat. Let me drift off into bliss while you’re there to catch me when it fades back to reality.
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No one is the right kind. Why? Because 'right kind' implies 'wrong kind'. And what makes you 'the wrong kind'? Leaving in the morning after sex? Done that, because that's the type of relationship that both of us wanted. Be loud and brash and open in public? Done that, because I wasn't going to give me implicit consent to bullshit.
kinky dating online
Some folks might say, "Fuck 'em", and that's a concise answer that adds an extra layer of dismissal. The truth is that worrying this one person is not going to change anything. There could be a dozen reasons they don't like you or even no real reason. You're loud and they don't like that.