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Tears from a Babygirl
They may be tears of joy Or tears of sorrow Tears that come now And some saved For tomorrow But the tears from a Babygirl Who cries for her daddy Are tears that need to be wiped away With a loving hand And a gentle touch
kinky first date questions
When I care about you, I care about the whole package, your entire person, the good as well as the bad. You don't have to be "on" for me, and you don't have to keep the unpleasant parts hidden. If I'm investing my energy in a relationship with you, I want it all.
I'm curious and have questions for any of you who have gotten into a relationship with somebody who is vanilla/doesn't know much about/has no experience of BDSM. My question is; how did you introduce that person to BDSM?
blowjob dating
Blowjob Dating and The Training of a Nympho Anal MILF - Veronica Avluv is set to graduate slave training but must first prove her worth in the domestic setting. Her Housekeeping may not be up to par, but she sure fucks like a slave using all her slutty holes to get the job done.
worship my cock
Worship My Cock In All It's Glory - No. I tell myself, as I walk towards you. I’m not addicted to you, I think, as I kneel before you. It’s not that I NEED to do this, I whisper, as your cock touches my lips.