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Being as dumb as a rock

Lately I’ve seen some writings  about Dominants being “a rock” and “always having to be strong”. These are lovely, romantic, domly dom sentiments but the noble sufferance they espouse can only be unhealthy in reality because the problem with rocks is that under repeated pressure and stress they will invariably and ultimately crack. Surely, in an open, honest and loving relationship only allowing one partner to be the strong one is inherently selfish and speaks volumes about the perception of love involved.

Embrace your humanity because vulnerability, weakness and fear are necessary parts of the human experience that we all must endure. You are doing your partner a huge disservice by preventing them from loving you fully in all of your aspects. You are limiting their capacity to be there for you when you need them most. You are inhibiting the range of love they can offer you. You are also doubting their depth of love for you. They deserve better and so do you. Besides, anyone only there for you during the good times isn’t worth fucking having in the first place. In times of adversity truths about ourselves and those we love are revealed. Hitherto unseen facets of people can shine through and bloom so allow them to become even greater and let them fulfill their potential.

I suffered for two decades with an undiagnosed illness that at times ruined my life and goals which for the most part, I endured alone via stubbornness and supposed strength of character. When I was at my most ill though, it wasn’t my uber Domliness that pulled me through, it was the love of a good woman, a confidante who innately understood that I was suffering mentally, physically and emotionally as a human being regardless of any bdsm role and loved me anyway. Without her caring and tending to me, I may well have cracked and the subsequent two year break from bdsm might instead have become a break from life permanently, such was my low ebb at the time. We may have parted but we remain best friends to this day and I will always will be indebted to the girl who loved me even when the pirate gear was out of commission.

Being a rock for people can indeed be a wonderful thing, just allow others the privilege too.

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