hair pulling

And Sir, if it’s not too much to ask…

Please pull my hair. Pull me outside of my own head. Bring me crashing into the here and now. Take away all the thoughts of my responsibilities and obligations.

Please choke me, hard. Make me focus on nothing but my breathing and heartbeat. Let me drift off into bliss while you’re there to catch me when it fades back to reality.

Please dig your teeth into my flesh. Let me see what I do to you. How I alone turn you into a primal force that takes what we both want.

Please kiss my scars, all of them. Show me they don’t bother or disgust you. Even if you’re not the one who made them, love them and all of my body.

Please don’t tie me down, pin me. Let me feel your strength. Allow me to struggle under you and know you’re not going to let me go. I need to feel helpless.

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Please hurt me. Don’t be gentle, it’s not what I need. I need the adrenaline and sharp sting of each strike. Make the pain take over and fill me with pleasure.

Please make me cry. Pull out all my emotions that I refuse to let go myself. Give me the opportunity to be vulnerable with you and to experience the release I crave.

Please make me ugly. Smear my makeup with the tears you’ve created. Make me how you want me. Let me see that I am most beautiful to you like this.

Please mark me, all of me. Use my body as your canvas. Let your hands, teeth, nails, and tools be your instruments and me your work of art. Leave me with something to remember this. Let me have something to show what I’ve done for you and myself. What you’ve done for me.

Please let me cum. Push me over the edge and let me spiral out of control while it flows through my entire body. Allow me to crash over and over, never wanting it to end.

Please hold me, just for a while. Wrap your arms around me tight as I leave ecstasy. Bring me back to reality knowing I’m safe. Let me leave your embrace on my own, when I’m ready, if it’s not too much to ask.

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