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Advice For Those Times People Do Not Like You

It’s human nature to notice those things that stand out. You can have a hundred friends and yet you notice the one person that doesn’t like you. You don’t even have to know the reason — maybe there is no reason. But it’s something that plays upon your insecurities and having insecurities is part of being human.

There is one tried and true method for dealing with the kinds of people that are hellbent on not liking you:

Do Nothing.

Some folks might say, “Fuck ’em”, and that’s a concise answer that adds an extra layer of dismissal. The truth is that worrying this one person is not going to change anything. There could be a dozen reasons they don’t like you or even no real reason. You’re loud and they don’t like that. You’re tall/short and they don’t like that. You are better looking than they are and they don’t like that. A hundred reasons but who really cares. Chances are that they are too closed-minded to change so why bother caring. As George Washington said about the Hessian troops, “Fuck ’em”.

Here’s another thing to add to the mix. Sometimes people will talk shit about you behind your back. Again, who cares? If they do that then they’re assholes and anyone who believes them is likely an asshole too. You’re better off without them hanging around.

So fear not. Lots of people will not like you. A lot more will. And nothing pisses off a person who doesn’t like you more than those who don’t see it their way. In other words, you win.

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