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50 Things I Say With A Kiss

1. Hello!
2. I love you
3. I REALLY love you
4. You’re wonderful
5. Silly Daddy!
6. I’m here
7. I need you
8. Please fuck me
10. Nom nom nom (you’re delicious)
11. I’m yours
12. How long have we been sucking face now?
13. You’ve got dry skin on your lip. Let me get that for you.
14. Hold me
15. Thank you
16. Kiss me harder
17. Bah, you’re crushing my face with your face!
18. I missed you
19. Be right back, I gotta pee!
20. I’m sad
21. Come get me!
22. I’m sorry
23. I can carry your worries
24. If this was our last kiss, I’d want you to remember it
25. I care about you so much
26. This is fun!
27. Wake up!
28. Good morning, Master
29. Good night
30. You are so beautiful to me
31. I just felt your penis!
33. Yes, I know they are watching. Kiss me anyway.
34. I see only you
35. Yes, he’s taken (cockblock kiss)
36. Pay attention to me!
37. My tongue is going up your nose if you don’t smile…
38. I could kiss you forever
39. Swirly tongue goes around and arouuuund…
40. Blowfish! HA! Got you!
41. You are welcome
42. I forgive you
43. Damn, that was good sex.
44. Aww, you’re so cute when you’re asleep
45. I’mma kiss you on your whole face! (rain of kisses)
46. Let’s cuddle
47. …? (the question kiss)
48. I’m lost for words
49. Sneak attack!
50. Goodbye (for now)

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