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20 Lessons I Have Learned by Engaging with Sadists

Here is a short list of the lessons I have learned by surrounding myself with sadists. ūüėÄ

1. It is not about you.

2. Sadists are used to masochists. They have evolved to find ways to hurt masochists in ways masochists will not be warm and fuzzy inside.

3. A sadist’s threats are particularly scary.

4. When you are trading hits with a sadist, you will not get the last hit.

4(a). Any pain you cause a sadist will be rebounded tenfold. Be advised.

5. If they are anything, it’s creative.

6. When giving reasons why they shouldn’t hurt you, saying that you’d cry is like waving a delicious steak in front of a dog.

7. It is definitely not about what you want.

8. They use their drawing masochists like a moth to flame powers to their advantage.

9. When they raise an eyebrow to you because you just did something to them,RUN AWAY!

10. Sometimes they’re showy, and sometimes they’re not. No matter their style, they can hurt you all the same.

11. They may appreciate your begging or they may not. Don’t presume getting on your knees and begging will save you.

12. They are sneaky.

13. Oftentimes, they didn’t preplan hurting you. They just decided they wanted to.

14. You poke them at your own risk. Learn the sadists in your life to know if poking them might be safe.

15. They like surprising you.

16. If they want something, they will find a way to get it.

17. Saying you find something scary is giving them a weapon.

18. Whining about the pain they caused just makes them want to hurt you so you can’t whine.

19. They have tells for when they are thinking of hurting you.

19(a). Learning their tells will not help in stopping them. It just gives you time to brace for the pain.

20. They are the best friends you can have.

Submitted by- TricksyHobbit

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